Giving new life to a building to enhance its soul
Adapting a property to the times means savings and design

Renovate and Modernize

Property renovation includes any service dedicated to improving, modifying, modernizing or maintaining existing buildings. If in the past these activities were considered to have a pure or prevalent aesthetic and functional impact, today renovating means making the property more efficient and increasing the value of the property both in economic and quality terms. Renovate and renovate means investing capital in a property and reaping the benefits over time.


Redesign, demolitions, reconstructions

Demolition of existing buildings, reconstruction of areas, renovation of the roof, updating of systems.


Renovation, adaptation, redistribution of spaces

Land registry operations relating to land and buildings. Real estate estimates for all related needs.


Efficiency, innovation, savings

Double or triple glazed windows, insulation, new systems, photovoltaic panels and other renewable sources contribute to increasing the efficiency of each property.


Foundations, beams, pillars and load-bearing walls

Consolidation of foundations, beams or pillars occurs following in-depth planning and design work.

The TRIACA group offers its customers multiple services: design, construction, renovation and direct sale of residential, hospitality and industrial properties on Lake Como and its province.

The continuous tendency towards improvement and constant technological innovation represent the strengths of our business.

The general objectives are: complete customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the quality standard.

The firm also makes use of the collaboration and/or consultancy of other professionals in the sector to guarantee maximum competence and respond to your every need.

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