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Building and Building

Building construction is a process that includes the physical construction of buildings or building structures, from excavating the foundations to finishing the interiors. Every single phase plays a crucial role in the success of the work being carried out. Nothing, starting from safety on the construction site, can be left to chance in this, which represents the delicate phase of making use of what has been the subject of the analysis and design, study and planning phases.

Construction site facility

Construction site preparation, excavations and foundations

Delimitation of the construction site area, preparation and creation of the foundations on which the building rests.


Columns, beams, floors, walls

Basting and construction of the supporting works of the building, the skeleton of the entire building project.

Construction of systems

Electricity, heating, water, ventilation

This phase follows or integrates the structuring phase with the installation of the plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Finishes and details

Floors, fixtures, coverings, painting

Once the structure and installation of the systems have been completed, the project takes shape in every detail.

The TRIACA group offers its customers multiple services: design, construction, renovation and direct sale of residential, hospitality and industrial properties on Lake Como and its province.

The continuous tendency towards improvement and constant technological innovation represent the strengths of our business.

The general objectives are: complete customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the quality standard.

The firm also makes use of the collaboration and/or consultancy of other professionals in the sector to guarantee maximum competence and respond to your every need.

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